Nengi true character is slowly unfolding

Nengi BBN
Nengi BBN Season 5 Housemate

When all the housemates came into the house, they were all acting cool, cool and humble but as days go on their real character and face keeps unfolding. Someone like Nengi her true character is slowly unfolding to the detest of her follow housemates.

She claims that she is regretting why she didn’t entered the house with her true character. She regretted acting humble to her fellow housemates. That her housemates are looking down on her, that some of them on a normal day, they can’t cross her path. She started acting this way when Ozo picked Dorathy instead of her as his deputy as the Head of the house.

Recently, Prince said that he will tell Nengi to stay away from him. If she continues switching between him and Ozo that he doesn’t like that, that her actions doesn’t make sense. Her actions is truly nonsense, how can she be using another to make another jealous. She is giving Prince hope that she likes him but she is only using him to make Ozo jealous, just so immature of her. She is just playing with their emotions thinking that she is smart.

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Nengi also had a heart to heart talk with Ozo. She questioned him why he has been avoiding her. That why is he catching feelings for her. She said that she doesn’t want to date any guy in the house, and I love the reply Ozo gave her “wait, who wants to date you?” That left her speechless. Suit her right. Ozo said that he thinks he made a mistake telling her that he was attracted to her. Because that got to her head and made her to think so highly of herself.

I think is high time someone puts her in her place, she always wants to get the attention of everyone, it seems like she likes being in control. Okay enough talking about her.

Today we got to see a queen with beauty and brain. Laycoon also had a heart to heart talk with Dorathy concerning his love for Erica and the advice she gave him made everyone to love her.

She adviced him to allow things to go naturally, that Erica said that she was attracted to him “mentally” while she was attracted to Kid “physically”. She advised him to let her (Erica) be, that the more he goes after her, he might be pushing her even more far away from him. Dorathy proved to everyone today, that she is a beauty with a brain and I love that.

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