Nengi is Too Cunning – Prince Laments

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Trikytee told Prince to make his choice among any of the ladies fighting over him. Prince on the other hand said he is thinking about it.

Trikytee: choose among the ladies who you really want to be with. Because even Lucy too is still there

Laycon: even Lucy too? Na wa oo, only you Prince the ladies men

Prince: i like Nengi and I would eventually want to have something to do with her, but she is too cunning. Today she will vibe with me tomorrow she is another thing. Today she will be be with me tomorrow it’s Ozo. It shows how cunning she is, if by next week we are still in the house and she keeps up with that vibe i will tell her straight to give me space.

Trikytee: yeah

Prince: Wathoni is cool, there is this vibe she gives she is adorable. The first day we came in to the house she told me she would like for me to be her baby. She is just too adorable and sweet. The next day we didn’t talk, but with time we started talking. Like the saying, the more you keep on seeing someone this likeness will just come out from nowhere. Like my brother

Laycon said, i will stay one place.

Tolani came and sat with them.

Tolani: Prince

Laycon: hmm hmm

Tolani: i think the mistake i made was to let you know of my plans

Laycon: plans to stop talking to him?

Prince: you shouldn’t do that

Tolani: yes, i should have just do it anyways without saying but now i can’t. No guy has ever taken me as an option. No guy has placed me second ir third, i am always first. But you Prince it’s something else, and i don’t like it.

Is prince trying to choose Wathoni over the rest ladies? What are your thoughts?

I think Prince is calling for a fire that cannot be quenched.

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