I have lost focus on my game – Laycon

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Big Brother Naija is a game that everyone major motive is to win. Laycon is beginning to lose focus and his primary objective in the house. His love feelings for Erica will make him to start losing focus. Laycon is fully aware that Erica is sexually attracted to Kiddwaya which himself knows that Erica got something with Kiddwaya.


Laycon needs to stop forcing himself on Erica and focus on the big game that brought them all together. However, emotionally, I know it won’t be easy for Laycon to just shy away like that. He might be trying to shoot his shot but not withstanding, he’s a man, he needs to learn on to punch his ego and focus on the big game.

Erica is very likable and a sweet girl as well, but her choosing Kidd over Laycon is for the billions! If you all recollect, she said her main attraction to a man is his intellect, how suddenly she now chooses Kiddwaya’s physical over Laycon’s mental attraction is beyond me.

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Yeah, no doubt that Kiddwaya is smart too, but if she said a mental attraction with Laycon it then implies she believes Laycon is smarter than Kidd. But I agree life isn’t Black and White, mental attraction wouldn’t be all she’d crave for, other things like wealth are factors.

kiddwaya isn’t stupid though. He played a creative major role in the last task they did, I get that she narrowed it down to physical/mental attraction but life isn’t black and white, he’s smart too,anything can happen.

What are your thoughts on Laycon?

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