Nengi is Feeling High

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It’s really a beautiful morning for Nengi and her fans after last night drama between her and Ozo.

Early this morning Nengi asked the housemates to tell her somethings about her. After the early morning cleaning, most of the housemate sat down on the dinning table and Each one of them have one or two things to say about Nengi.

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Eric: I feel you’re beautiful, and you carry yourself really well. From the first day we got into this house I was like oh my goodness this girl is beautiful but she would be proud. But you prove me wrong.

Brighto: Like Eric said you’re beautiful, You’re humble, I know so much about you and I can say you’re really humble I mean really humble, You’re also a goal getter. Not every body know that you are hardworking but you are really hardworking.

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Tochi: The way you call that my name is tempting. All laughed. First I would like to say I’m really privileged to have my bed next to your bed. Why because I have the first privilege to wake up and see your beautiful face every morning.

Trikytee: Despite your fineness, you’re real and not fake. You even try as much as you can to mingle with everybody in the house. You’re the type that when I leave here I would like to hang out with.

When it’s got to Kidd’s moment he said: Nengi I am your biggest fan. You shattered the idea of a fine girl having a bad attitude, you are humble bubbly and nice. I know with your attitude in the house you would have gotten so much of fans. So you’re going to be in Top3.

Nengi got up and hugged him.

Kidd: But my baby Erica will be the eventual winner. Erica got up and hugged him. Eyes rolled and he said that is okay.

What can you say about Nengi? Drop your comment.

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