it’s a career for me – mo Empire entertainment Winner in an Exclusive Interview

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Queen Olajide Fatimah

In an exclusive Interview With the Winner, Mo Empire Entertainment, The Young Queen Bares her mind on her Modelling Career. Here are excerpts from the Interview.

Ques:  Can we Meet You?

 Ans: I’m Olajide Fatimah Adejoke. The moEmpire entertainment queen. I’m 20 years old, I was born into the family of Asmiu Olajide onanubi at ijebu north local government area, ogun state. I found delight in singing, swimming, and making dresses, similarly, I have a grate passion for modeling.

 Ques:  How do you feel emerging the winner of Face Of MO Empire

Ans: I must say, it’s been the best feeling ever, I thank Almighty Allah for is blessings upon me, I feel really honored.

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Ques:  What was the motive of participating in this online contest?

Ans:  It always my dream being a model and I found this contest a great opportunity to pursue my dream.

Ques:  Do you think winning this contest is a big step for you breaking into the modeling market?

Ans: Yes it is a big step for me.

Ques:   So is this turning Modelling into a Career for You or Just Fun?

Ans: I am not into modeling just fun and I can say it’s a career for me.

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Ques:   Is this your First Contest?

Ans: Yes, this is my first contest. Though I have seen so many contest both online and introduce to me by my friends I didn’t participate, but  I found this particular one best.

Ques:   How have you been coping with Modelling ever since you started?

Ans: Actually this is my first step into modeling.

Ques:   Aside from being the brand Ambassador for your organizing agency, are you open to other bookings? And How else can you be reached?

Ans: . For the Ambassador I will like to work with Glo  organization and I am always open for other bookings.

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