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Queen Bolatutu Babaseyi Christiana

An exclusive interview with Bolatutu Babaseyi Christiana as the beauty queen reveal lot of things about herself.
Read and digest.

Ques: Hello Good Afternoon Queen,  Can we Meet You?
Ans: I am Queen  Bolatutu Babaseyi Christiana, 20 Year old & a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University.  A 300lvl student whose hobbies are listening to music,reading. (Smiles) I am an introvert so I don’t really like outdoor stuffs. I love taking pictures and making video it’s a great hobby of mine,I was born and brought up in Abuja but I base in the south west for now due to my education is down here.

Ques: Oh Nice, How do you feel emerging the winner of Face Of Moed Models?

Ans: I feel very happy,I really thank you God and everyone who supported me. It was a tough one and am Grateful to God that I came out victoriously.

Ques: So tell us ,What was the motive of participating in this online contest?

Ans: My motive was to win and also want to model and use my beauty to change the world

Ques:  Do you think winning this contest is a big step for you breaking into the modeling market?

Ans: Yes it’s a big step for me because I know little by little I will get to be a bigger model

Ques: So is this turning Modelling into a Career for You or Just Fun?

Ans: Modelling is great fun for me but if it forms into a career for me I will be happy.

Ques: Is this your First Contest?

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Ans: This is not really my first contest but it’s the first contest I took serious

Ques: How have you been coping with Modelling ever since you started?

Ans: It’s entirely been God

Ques: Aside from being the brand Ambassador for your organizing agency, are you open to other bookings? And How else can you be reached?

Ans: I have been coping with it because I am trying to keep myself in a different light and I want to use my beauty as a brand, yes I am open to other bookings and I can be reached through my WhatsApp number @ 07044484751

And through Instagram @Bolatutu_

Thanks for the time spent with us,hope to see you some other time.

Thanks to you too

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