Exclusive Interview with Okani Oluwayomi Adaeze 1st Runner Up Face of Moed Model June Online Contest

Face of Moed Models June Edition
Okani Oluwayomi Adaeze

Can We Meet You? YES – MY Name is Okani Oluwayomi Adaeze, am from IMO state, you will ask why l have mixed tribe names well let me tell you more about myself. My father is from Imo state and my mother is from Ogun state. Am the first child of my family and I live with a single parent and that’s my mom, she have been my father, mother, best friend and a support system she will do anything to make us come out the best in anything we decide to do.

January 2019, I applied for a pre-degree course to study Mass Communication in University of Ilorin, but at the end of the day l discovered l wanted to act because l could sing, dance and fake my actions or pretend so l decided to change my course to Theatre Art in the same university. Gaining admission has been so challenging for me in the past few month now  because at a point money was a challenge but God sent people to further my education and l will never give up until it’s over, I just thank God that l have a supportive mother and sisters with good friends and my other god loving mothers.

 I’m a Christian and a worker (choir)in my church RCCG @ Dunamis sanctuary Surulere, l  love to serve God, I discovered that I’m nothing without him l can’t go through this life difficulties without him. He alone has been my help since the moment l was born.

How do you feel emerging as one of the winners of Face Of Moed Models? To be honest l don’t always settle for less l believe so much in myself even when I’m not sure of what am doing. I always see myself as the head in anything l do and I’m always optimistic but l really gave in my best but I’m still so excited that am a winner of Face of Moed Models & this is like a stepping stone to achieving my goals.

What was the motive of participating in this online contest? The lockdown has really opened my eye to see many things and stuffs l can do within the four corners of my house like modeling for a brand ambassador of make up or dress or beauty product and earn money from it and also add more knowledge , so I’m an upcoming makeup artist but also have been doing facial models for some professional makeup artist and l also  get paid  because l love it when my face is been beautified ,To be honest l wasn’t sure If this Online Contest was real and legit I just gave it a try and  I saw this contest as a edge for me to explore the beauty God gave me and the kind of body l have and also learn more about modeling, beauty and entertainment too.

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How have you been coping with the challenges of being a model? Modeling has so many challenges and l wasn’t sure if l wanted to do full body model or runway model or just facial model because some of those men l came in contact with some said  awful things like sleeping with them and all , so l got discouraged and gave up on it. But my best friend encouraged me that to make it in life you have to fall before you can rise, you will to fail and been kicked out before you can win so l decided to start afresh but since the opportunity has presented itself again.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? In the next five years ,l see myself doing my (NYSC) but before that l see myself building my own makeup name and company while am in school . Also encouraging girls to embrace their beauty because beauty is not just physical it is in our attitudes. Because there’s a lot you can do with your Beauty. I mean doing genuine stuffs.

How have you been coping with Modelling ever since you started? I started facial modeling just some few years ago and it’s really fun, the make up , clothes, the face look rehearsal etc …I really love it and l felt at peace

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Which brand are you looking forward to model for? And How else can you be reached? I would really like to model for Moed Model Management first as my first model brand because l don’t have any brand for now and learn more about modeling as well.

Contact Information

WhatsApp number; 09069168436

Email; olooriadaeze@gmail.com

IG HANDLE: _yormee

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